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Converge, Jerry Cantrell, Turnstile and Death Appear on Covers of New Issue

Winter 2021 print edition also features Every Time I Die, Cradle of Filth, Heriot and others
converge bloodmoon cover crop, Emily Birds
Converge's Jacob Bannon and Chelsea Wolfe
photograph by Emily Birds

It's the right time for feel-good music. So, it's the right time for Turnstile. The hardcore stars' mission statement is to "make music that feels good," and with their latest album, Glow On, they succeeded in spades. It's the right time for Jerry Cantrell's Brighten, which sees the Alice in Chains icon — whose catalog couldn't be much darker — focused more on the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. It's the right time for Converge's "Bloodmoon" lineup, featuring Chelsea Wolfe, Cave In's Stephen Brodsky and more, to offer up their long-awaited debut album, a testament to the power of creative collaboration in our age of isolation. And it's the right time to pay tribute to Death mastermind Chuck Schuldiner, who died 20 years ago this December and is remembered for his fighting spirit and thrilling music. All four are celebrated across the collectible covers of our feel-good new Winter 2021 issue.

You can pre-order the issue now along with special limited-edition collector's bundles on our shop.

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scowl_featured_credit_christian_castillo.jpg, Christian Castillo
Scowl, (from left) Cole Gilbert, Kat Moss, Bailey Lupo and Malachi Greene
photograph by Christian Castillo

Five Artists You Need to Know
NorCal hardcore upstarts Scowl, Bring Me the Horizon-approved emo-core genre-buster Poorstacy, U.K. death-groove powerhouse Heriot, manga-obsessed deathcore world-builders Brand of Sacrifice and South African slam-death-metal crew Vulvodynia


Jerry Cantrell
It's been a long, hard road for the Alice in Chains icon. But 30 years in — with his first solo album in nearly two decades — he's finding more light than darkness.


The metallic hardcore trailblazers have made some of the most vital underground music of the last 30 years. Now, with a radically expanded lineup and vision, they might just eclipse all that came before.


In a scene full of dark imagery and tough-guy attitude, they just want to "make music that feels good." It's made them hardcore's biggest, brightest and most surprising stars.


Dying Wish
Dying Wish's vocalist Emma Boster shouts out the five albums that mean the most to her


Every Time I Die
Frontman Keith Buckley reflects on trials, triumphs and lessons learned


Twenty years after Chuck Schuldiner's passing, a celebration of his life and times


Cradle of Filth
Ringleader Dani Filth talks Euronymous, Ed Sheeran and 30 years of extreme metal

Plus, original artwork by Stefan Thanneur inspired by Chuck Schuldiner, who "has represented and personified death metal. His talent and work lent prestige and credibility to the genre. He is the Godfather of Death Metal."