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Power Trip Have New Music: "I Guess You Could Call It a Record"

Guitarist Blake Ibanez and drummer Chris Ulsh "have been working really hard" on new material
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Power Trip
photograph by Fred Pessaro

Power Trip were one of the fastest-rising and most promising bands in metal, but their career was suddenly put on pause when their beloved frontman Riley Gale tragically passed away in August 2020. Of course, no respectable fan expected the band to return any time soon, but guitarist Blake Ibanez did tell Banger TV earlier this year that Power Trip does plan to continue — but that "we just are not sure what that looks like at this time." 

"Got a lot of music, a lot of songs in the tank," Ibanez told Banger TV in May. "So keep your eyes peeled for what that becomes. I think everybody here, especially that enjoyed Nightmare Logic will really like it. Next thing. Spent a lot of time working on it the last few years."

Over the summer, Ibanez launched a new band called Fugitive with members of Creeping Death and Skourge, and drummer Chris Ulsh joined Philly black 'n' roll miscreants Devil Master for their 2022 record.

However, in a new interview with Knotfest, Ibanez got a little more specific about the new music Power Trip has in their arsenel, revealing that their new material amounts to what "I guess you can call a record."

When the interviewer asked about the state of Power Trip, Ibanez said that he and Ulsh have "been working on stuff for quite a while and we are continuing to work on it." He was trying to not reveal his hand, but the interviewer persisted and got Ibanez to admit that the sum of their undefined songwriting has totaled up to a full-length project at this point. 

"There's… I guess you can call it a record," Ibanez said. "There's a bunch of stuff out there. That's really all I can say. I don't know. I can't really say too much."

"We've been working really hard on it," he continued. "Me and [Ulsh], we have great chemistry and the same thing we've always done when we make records together. The same vibe is there. I'm really proud of the stuff we've written together. So I'm looking forward to that. I don't know when everything's gonna happen, but I'm looking forward to it."

The part about having "a record" in the tank is what's most intriguing about this tidbit. It's still entirely unclear who will be replacing Gale behind the mic, both for this record and any future live shows the band might play. But the fact that they have a full-length's worth of new material written and at least semi-recorded is a promising sign. 

See the full Knotfest interview with Ibanez below.